Fire Attracts People

It’s still pretty hot here in Southwest Florida. It’s hard for us to think about sitting around a fire right now. However, cooler days are coming (we hope!). There’s something about the ambiance of a fire that encourages conversation and helps folks enjoy the company of each other, their families and friends. It encourages the […]

Weed Mat Is For Landscapes Using Rock Beds

Weed mat is an man made material that is installed in landscape islands and beds after landscaping and before the installation of ROCK. Weed mat should not be used under landscape beds and islands if you intend to use mulch. At R & R Sprinkler and Landscape we only use weed mat under rock. Using […]

A Good Sprinkler System Design is Essential

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment for your property. Having a professionally licensed and insured contractor install your new irrigation system is important. Ask for references and don’t always select the cheapest price. Ask about the design of your sprinkler system. Ask for references too. A good design that will use water […]

Chinch Bugs Love Florida Grasses

The common name is Chinch Bug. The Scientific name is Blissus sp. The layman’s term is “OH NO!”. Chinch bugs love Florida grasses because they love a hot environment. Chinch bug population peaks between the months of May – October but they can and do survive year round in Southwest Florida. They love warm climates. […]

Moth Balls Aren’t Just For Moths

Do you have problems keeping critters from unwanted places. We all do somewhere in our homes or businesses. A simple solution is moth balls. The minute you say moth balls the scent appears in your nostrils even though you don’t have a moth ball in sight right? It’s not a pleasant odor. We think of […]

Rock Vs. Mulch

If you are installing new landscaping or refurbishing your existing landscaping there is one question that always gets asked: do I use rock or mulch for my landscape beds? There are pros and cons to both. The Pros of Installing Rock In Landscape Beds: 1. Only needs refreshed every several years 2. Doesn’t float or […]

How Many Zones Should My Sprinkler Have At My Cape Coral Home?

A “zone” of an irrigation system is an area of the entire irrigation system that waters at one time. If you tried to irrigate your entire lawn at one time the water pressure would be low, the run off would be excessive and likely the flow of electricity would be high. A good irrigation contractor […]

Control The Foot Traffic Through Your Sanibel Property

Some Sanibel property owners are particular about where they want foot traffic through their property. It makes sense to avoid traffic in certain areas for security reasons, safety reasons, to avoid a wear pattern in the grass or to prevent damage to delicate landscaping. There are some easy ways to control foot traffic using a […]

We Kill Sod in Cape Coral and Fort Myers!

Doesn’t sound like a company you want to hire right off the bat does it? It’s a genuine proposal though. If you have bought a Cape Coral foreclosure or an old Fort Myers house and the property had been badly neglected for a long period of time then you may need to do an overhaul […]