Start Training Your Lawn To Need And Use Less Water

Have you noticed just a hint of coolness in the air? Fall is right around the corner. We love the cooler weather (especially since we work outdoors all day!). We personally cannot wait to open our windows and sliding glass doors and let the Fall weather in. Our grass, on the other hand, needs some […]

Change Your Sprinkler Timers for Daylight Savings Time

Next Sunday morning Nov. 4th at 2 a.m. is Daylight Savings Time. Time to “Fall” back. The concept of Daylight Savings Time was originally conceived by Benjamin Franklin. He felt it beneficial to make best use of our daylight. If you’d like to know more about the concept and implementation of Daylight Savings Time National […]

Material Management And Storage When Constructing An Elevated Patio

In Southwest Florida we see many homeowners replacing wood decks with an elevated patio. There is less maintenance involved and it’s a gorgeous addition to any property. We are actually in the process of constructing a raised patio extending off our our pool deck. We are using an Anchor Wall Retaining Wall (which doesn’t require […]

Plan Drainage Routes BEFORE You Construct Your Sanibel Paver Deck

We live in beautiful Southwest Florida. One of the most beautiful, sought after destinations for vacation homes in our area is Sanibel, Florida. The outdoor spaces added to these vacation homes is no less than remarkable. A lot of the homeowners that contact us are considering adding a patio area for outdoor entertaining. We think […]

Will You Have Landscape Lighting For Your Outdoor Patio?

At our house right now we are constructing an outdoor patio. We have taken several steps to plan the project from the end to the beginning. Does that sound back ward to you? It’s absolutley correct. We started with what we want the final plan to look like. Then we take it apart layer by […]

The Benefits of Using Pavers for Driveways, Decks and Walkways

Using pavers for driveways, decks and walkways have many benefits. 1. Pavers Are Good For The Environment Pavers are made from natural products like limestone, cobblestone, slate or granite so they don’t contain pigments or dyes. They also allow rainwater to filter through and distribute directly into the ground instead of rolling over hard surfaces […]