Do You Really Need a Landscaping Warranty When Working With a Naples Landscaper?

This is the eighth installment of 11 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Landscaping Company which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

A couple months ago, your landscaper planted a lush ficus hedge along the side of your yard. It looked great for a week or so. Now it’s brittle and dry. Who’s to blame?

If you followed the proper watering schedule (prove it to your Naples landscaper by pointing out the green grass nearby), then you should be entitled to replacement of the dead material. But, don’t expect every landscaper to abide by this common sense. To protect yourself and your landscaping investment, you’ll want to hire a provider that offers a landscaping warranty.

You should get a 100% guarantee for the first year after shrubs or trees are planted. It’s still your responsibility to water plants regularly. You’ll also have to fertilize, trim, prune and weed.11 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Landscaping Company

Check to see whether your Naples landscaper provides a written warranty. It should certify that all landscaping installation is done according to plan and with the materials that were specified in the original bid. If irrigation is included in your landscaping project, it should also be under warranty for at least one year.

Most warranties will not cover problems that are caused by homeowner negligence, adverse weather conditions or acts of God. But a good warranty should assure you your provider takes ownership and pride in their landscaping work.

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