Pine straw mulch is a natural ground cover that adds protection and helps retain moisture for trees, plants and shrubs in flower beds and landscape islands. Pine straw mulch is safe for kids and pets, provides weed control if distributed in an even 3″ application and is an organic product.

Pine straw is a broad classification. There are actually at least (3) types of pine straw available for purchase online and at landscape suppliers.

Long leaf pine straw, a.k.a long needle pine straw or Pinus Palustris, is 14″ long and is the thickest pine needle available. It has a heavy wax coating which makes it last longer. While it’s the most durable of the pine straw available on the market, it’s also the scarcest to find which also makes it more expensive.

Slash Pine straw a.k.a yellow slash pine or Pinus Elliottii, is 9″ long and is the most popular type of pine straw sold on the market. It’s durable, clean and affordable. This is the type of pine straw that is spec’d for most commercial projects.

Loblolly pine straw, a.k.a short needle pine straw or Pinus Taeda, is 6″ L and is the least favorable selection of the three. It’s poor quality and doesn’t last very long. If you see a price too good to be true when you are quoting out a project ask if they are using loblolly pine straw. In some geographical areas its the only type of pine straw that is available. A lot of companies trying to sell this grade pine straw will get you to focus on attributes like it’s heavier in weight or will try to get you to believe that its almost as good as a slash pine straw product. It’s not true. It’s dirtier, combined with dirt, sticks and debris (which makes it weigh more) and is not durable.

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