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Material Management And Storage When Constructing An Elevated Patio

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On October 15, 2012

In Southwest Florida we see many homeowners replacing wood decks with an elevated patio. There is less maintenance involved and it’s a gorgeous addition to any property. We are actually in the process of constructing a raised patio extending off our our pool deck. We are using an Anchor Wall Retaining Wall (which doesn’t require permitting) and Bel Gard pavers.

If you are considering adding an elevated patio make plans for proper material deliveries. You don’t want all the materials delivered at once if you can help it because you will need to store them. You need to have an open area where it can be easily accessed by your contractor but not easy to steal. You wouldn’t want to, nor can you store materials on your street. You don’t want to block your driveway, gate areas or walkways. You won’t want to place them where your kids or your pets can get hurt. You won’t want to infringe on your neighbor’s property (unless you have their permission). You’ll also have to consider the damaged it may cause to the grass if the materials will be placed there for long periods of time. It’s so hot that having a pallet of pavers sit in a single spot for more than a couple of days may suffocate the grass below.

Having building materials delivered as needed will avoid overcrowding and unnecessary dangers during the construction process.

You’ll also need to make provisions for the parking vehicles and equipment if you have a contractor installing the new addition. Neighbor’s don’t want trucks blocking the road and don’t want heavy machinery and unwanted cars parked on their property.

Material management can be tricky. Take the extra time and thought into how it will delivered, stored and installed for the best, least disruptive outcome.

We’ll be sure to give you an update on the construction of our elevated patio as it goes along. If you are considering adding an elevated patio to your property give us a call. Our design team can give a you a 3 dimensional drawings so you can see what it will look like before it’s constructed.

Will You Have Landscape Lighting For Your Outdoor Patio?

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On October 9, 2012

At our house right now we are constructing an outdoor patio. We have taken several steps to plan the project from the end to the beginning. Does that sound back ward to you? It’s absolutley correct.

We started with what we want the final plan to look like. Then we take it apart layer by layer to determine what the first steps of the project should be. We want to include important preliminary planning issues like where the flexible drainage material should be installed to keep the patio from having areas of pooled water. We consider how high the patio will be and who will be using it to determine if there are railings that need installed along the steps. We also consider whether the homeowner will be adding landscape lighting. If they do intend to add landscape lighting to an outdoor patio then we want to have the electrical wiring run during the construction of the foundation. It would be costly and unproductive to try to add it in after the final construction is completed. Essentially there would be parts of the project that would have to be chiseled or de-constructed in order to add the needed electrical sources.

Failure to hire a contractor that will think ahead on construction issues such as drainage, safety and electric can be an expensive mistake.

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape can help you design an outdoor patio that works from the end to the beginning to incorporate all elements you’d like to have.

The Benefits of Using Pavers for Driveways, Decks and Walkways

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On October 5, 2012

Using pavers for driveways, decks and walkways have many benefits.

1. Pavers Are Good For The Environment
Pavers are made from natural products like limestone, cobblestone, slate or granite so they don’t contain pigments or dyes. They also allow rainwater to filter through and distribute directly into the ground instead of rolling over hard surfaces like concrete where it will pull excess pollutants along the way that will eventually make their way into the storm drains and waterways.

2. Pavers Are Stronger Than Concrete
Pavers can handle a tremendous amount of weight. They are actually 3 x’s stronger than concrete. Pavers are individual pieces installed to form a surface. Because they are individual they adjust to the movement of the earth below. A Concrete surface will crack when the ground below shifts.

3. Pavers Are Easy To Maintain
Pavers require sweeping and rinsing. You will need to apply weed control and they will need to intermittingly be re-sealed.

4. Pavers Are Safe
Pavers have a non-skid surface so they aren’t as slick as other surfaces. They are especially good as pool decks where there is a higher risk if slipping.

5. Pavers Add Beauty and Value

Pavers increase the value of your property. They add beauty by allowing the homeowner to be creative since there are endless color combinations and design possibilities.

R & R Sprinkler is an authorized BellGard Dealer. We can help you with a new paver walkway all the way to a new paver pool deck. Let us know how we can design a new paver addition to your property today.

Fire Attracts People

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On September 30, 2012

It’s still pretty hot here in Southwest Florida. It’s hard for us to think about sitting around a fire right now. However, cooler days are coming (we hope!).

There’s something about the ambiance of a fire that encourages conversation and helps folks enjoy the company of each other, their families and friends. It encourages the gathering of people and the creation of great memories.

For our New Year’s celebration this year we decided not to go to any parties but just to sit in our back yard on our canal, sip on some New Year cocktails, share some sparklers with our daughter and enjoy the incoming 2012. In the center of our New Year’s Celebration was the firepit we had received as a Christmas present. Proof that fire attracts people. It was one of the best New Year Eve’s we’ve had in a long time.

My cousin used to live on a large piece of property. We’d spend months collection pallets and loose wood in anticipation of the huge fire he would build so that we could have a great time with a large group of people. Proof that fire attracts people.

We frequent Fort Wilderness where on a nightly basis they have Chip and Dale’s Marshmallow roast. Proof that fire attracts people.

A firepit, fire place and the such creates a sense of peace, relaxation, fun and spirit. If you have the budget then a real live outdoor fire place is a great investment. If you have a smaller budget you can invest minimally in a fire pit from one of the big box stores. It’s a great addition to your outdoor living area.

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape has the knowledge and expertise to help you develop an outdoor living space that incorporates a fire pit, fire place and outdoor patio. .

One more thing….. don’t forget the smores!

Control The Foot Traffic Through Your Sanibel Property

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On September 12, 2012

Some Sanibel property owners are particular about where they want foot traffic through their property. It makes sense to avoid traffic in certain areas for security reasons, safety reasons, to avoid a wear pattern in the grass or to prevent damage to delicate landscaping. There are some easy ways to control foot traffic using a variety of methods and materials.

1. Stepping Stones
Install stepping stones along the path you’d like folks to travel. This is a great idea along the sides of a house. You will have higher traffic along the side of the house especially with maintenance contractors like pool technicians and pest service men.

2. Rows of Bushes
Installing small bushes or shrubs on either side of the area you want traffic in your yard is a natural way to keep people away from areas of the property. It’s like driving on the road, you have to stay in your lane.

3. Paver Walkways
Install a continuous walkway using pavers. This is popular choice for Sanibel properties for a pathway from the pool to the dock.

4. Wood decks
Construct an entire deck, just like in a preserve area. Make it so that stepping off the wood deck is uncomfortable and folks will keep their foot traffic exactly where it should be. This is especially helpful if you are trying to preserve the natural landscape of Sanibel beach or if you are concerned about turtle hatchlings.

5. Rock or Mulch Pathways
Build a path with landscape material such as mulch or rock making the intending path of visitors and family members obvious and expected.

There are many different and creative ways to control the foot traffic on your Sanibel property. Let R & R Sprinkler and Landscape know how we can help in constructing one that works for you.