Next Sunday morning Nov. 4th at 2 a.m. is Daylight Savings Time. Time to “Fall” back. The concept of Daylight Savings Time was originally conceived by Benjamin Franklin. He felt it beneficial to make best use of our daylight. If you’d like to know more about the concept and implementation of Daylight Savings Time National Geographic has some great historical data on it.

When you go to sleep next Saturday night make sure you set your bedside clock, your clock on your stove and all your wall clocks back by (1) hour.

You also need to be sure you set your sprinkler timer back an hour as well. This is one of the “elements” that gets forgotten when Daylight Savings Times comes around.

County and City ordinances will usually give home and business owners @ a 2 week “Grace” period to get the irrigation timers adjusted for the time change. After that they will start to issue warnings and/or citations. Keep in mind, they don’t have to give you a “Grace” period, or even a warning if they don’t want to. They are being kind if they do. Avoid a ticket by pushing the start time of your sprinkler system back by one hour.

Follow this link if you need refreshed on what your local watering restriction are for the city and/or county in which you live.

If re-setting your irrigation timer is a daunting task for your feel free to contact our office. One of our helpful irrigation technicians will happy to assist you.

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