In Southwest Florida we see many homeowners replacing wood decks with an elevated patio. There is less maintenance involved and it’s a gorgeous addition to any property. We are actually in the process of constructing a raised patio extending off our our pool deck. We are using an Anchor Wall Retaining Wall (which doesn’t require permitting) and Bel Gard pavers.

If you are considering adding an elevated patio make plans for proper material deliveries. You don’t want all the materials delivered at once if you can help it because you will need to store them. You need to have an open area where it can be easily accessed by your contractor but not easy to steal. You wouldn’t want to, nor can you store materials on your street. You don’t want to block your driveway, gate areas or walkways. You won’t want to place them where your kids or your pets can get hurt. You won’t want to infringe on your neighbor’s property (unless you have their permission). You’ll also have to consider the damaged it may cause to the grass if the materials will be placed there for long periods of time. It’s so hot that having a pallet of pavers sit in a single spot for more than a couple of days may suffocate the grass below.

Having building materials delivered as needed will avoid overcrowding and unnecessary dangers during the construction process.

You’ll also need to make provisions for the parking vehicles and equipment if you have a contractor installing the new addition. Neighbor’s don’t want trucks blocking the road and don’t want heavy machinery and unwanted cars parked on their property.

Material management can be tricky. Take the extra time and thought into how it will delivered, stored and installed for the best, least disruptive outcome.

We’ll be sure to give you an update on the construction of our elevated patio as it goes along. If you are considering adding an elevated patio to your property give us a call. Our design team can give a you a 3 dimensional drawings so you can see what it will look like before it’s constructed.

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