Do you have problems keeping critters from unwanted places. We all do somewhere in our homes or businesses. A simple solution is moth balls. The minute you say moth balls the scent appears in your nostrils even though you don’t have a moth ball in sight right? It’s not a pleasant odor. We think of our grandmother’s sweaters or a cabin that has been closed up for a long time. However, moth balls are fabulous for keeping all sorts of critters away.

Do you have birds in the tree that sits right over our car. We all know how that ends up. How about mice invading a garage space? Yuck! Or even insects in your sprinkler timer. Annoying!

There aren’t very many creatures (including humans) that like the smell of moth balls. Throw moth balls in the areas you want clear of animals and pests. For example, if you have mice at your shop, put them on the floor in the general areas they hang out in. If insects invade your sprinkler timer throw them down on the ground under your timer (but not in your timer).

P.S. If you have children or pets think carefully where and if you should use moth balls.

P.S.S: We’re aren’t sure if this works under your boss’ chair or not. Let us know :).

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