We live in beautiful Southwest Florida. One of the most beautiful, sought after destinations for vacation homes in our area is Sanibel, Florida. The outdoor spaces added to these vacation homes is no less than remarkable.

A lot of the homeowners that contact us are considering adding a patio area for outdoor entertaining. We think this is a fabulous idea. There aren’t many places where you can entertain outdoors almost year round.

If you are considering adding an outdoor patio to your Sanibel home take some time to think ahead to how the water that will roll off your roof during rain storms. Are there gutters installed? Have you considered extending your gutters to the next level with flexible drainage pipe so the moisture will make its way off the house and away from your patio? Not very many people do.

Many engineers and builders fail to think ahead on drainage issues. They don’t stop to think where the water will travel. Faliure to think ahead on drainage issues leads to large areas of pooled water, damaged landscaping, can cause erosion to the foundation and creates a breeding ground for mosquitos. In addition it can create areas of your patio that form mold and mildew that are unsightly and difficult to get rid of. It ends up being a maintenance nightmare.

Think ahead. Consider the worst case scenario like a tropical storm or a hurricane where you will be receiving a large amount of down pour in a short period of time. You can even go up on your roof with a garden house and simulate a sudden burst of water in specific areas of the property to see where the water lands and more importantly if it stays or drains. If your property was constructed with the correct grades, gutters and drainage it should roll off and away into the closest storm water drainage system, ditch or retention pond.

BEFORE we begin the construction of an outdoor patio we take rain water drainage into consideration. We think ahead in order to save the homeowner costly headaches later on down the road. We get the drainage in BEFORE the construction of the deck instead of having to back after the project is complete. Going back to install drainage for your Sanibel patio could double the project price because we essentially have to DE-construct the patio, install the drainage and RE-construct.

If you are considering adding a paver patio to your Sanibel home give us a chance to look at your job. We take the time to evaluate the property BEFORE construction begins to avoid costly mistakes AFTER it’s complete.

Let our knowledgeable team help design an outdoor living space with a paver patio today.

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