It appears that Southwest Florida will bear the brunt of Tropical Storm Issac by the end of this weekend. Whether we are hit directly or not, we will still have some pretty nasty weather coming our way.

NBC2 has great tips on preparing for a storm.

In addition to preparing your house and family to endure a storm, you should consider some housekeeping with your landscaping and outdoor elements to avoid damage to your plants and trees and property.

If you have large trees or palms take a close look to see if there are already loose branches or palm fronds that you could remove now. The high winds and rains are sure to tug them loose once Tropical Storm Issac gets closer. Falling limbs can cause damage to your roof, windows, screens, vehicles and more. Taking a little bit of time now will save you a lot of trouble over the weekend.

Do you have potted plants in containers. Start moving them into an area they will get less damage. Not only will it save you damage to the plant or tree, it will ensure that your beautiful pots don’t get damaged as well.

Do you have landscaping maintenance equipment stored outside? These would include but not limited to wheel barrels, hoses, shovels, rakes, lawn mowers, etc. Start clearing space out in your garage to house these tools.

If you live on salt water you will be affected by the salt spray. If you have plants along your seawall or edge of the property they may get damaged. The sod along this area too may incur damage as well. Once the storm calms down we recommend that you start adding fresh water from the garden hose to reduce the effects of the salt water.

Do you have an outdoor living area? You will need to consider moving in any items that could go airbourne during the storm like lawn furniture, fire pits, benches, pool toys, etc. You not only want to protect the outdoor furnishings but you want to avoid having any item launch unnecessarily into the air that could cause harm to your property or to a person.

The silver lining to this cloud is that a storm will reveal to the homeowner the areas of their landscaping that are weak or need improved
. Keep your eyes on the weather and start preparing your Southwest Florida Landscaping for Tropical Storm Issac.

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