It looks like we are in the line of fire for Tropical Storm Issac to make landfall early Monday morning. If last night’s wind storm in Cape Coral is any indication of the power this storm is going to pack then there are some things we all need to do to prepare.

Hurricanes are powerful and dangerous storms; but if you are prepared, you will survive with the least amount of discomfort!

Here are some things you can do at the beginning of the season, to help make your home and family “hurricane resistant”!

Prepare your survival kit with enough supplies to last you, your family, and pets for at least three days.
As you purchase items on the list, check them off until your kit is complete. Next to the list, write down where the kit and any separate items are stored. Even if you plan to evacuate, you need to have these supplies with you.
Write down your FPL account number for faster service: ________________.
In case of an outage, call 1-800-4-OUTAGE
Update your homeowners insurance; make sure you are covered for wind and flood damage. If you rent, purchase renter’s insurance. Know your deductibles, they may be higher than you think! Get additional tips about your insurance here.
Find out the elevation of your home and how the surrounding area would flood in a hurricane.
Videotape or take a written inventory of all your belongings.
Keep your yard free of debris. Cut down any dead tree limbs. Remove weak, damaged or diseased trees.
If you do not have pre-installed shutters, measure all windows and doors for plywood covers. Pre-cut the plywood and install anchors.
Purchase a kit to brace your garage door, especially if your home was built before 1993.
Drive through your designated hurricane evacuation route. Consider alternative routes as you go.
Locate the nearest public shelters. Not all shelters will be opened during a hurricane. Be aware of several alternatives.
Purchase a battery operated weather radio with the tone alert.
Take a first aid class.
Make sure your street address is clearly marked on your home.
Complete your personal hurricane plan.

NBC2 has a great in-depth preparation plan for all of us to follow.

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