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Chinch Bugs Love Florida Grasses

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On September 20, 2012

The common name is Chinch Bug.

The Scientific name is Blissus sp.

The layman’s term is “OH NO!”.

Chinch bugs love Florida grasses because they love a hot environment. Chinch bug population peaks between the months of May – October but they can and do survive year round in Southwest Florida. They love warm climates.

Most people don’t know they have chinch bugs until it’s too late. You’ll know you have them by that dreadful patch of yellowed dying grass. Chinch bugs stay in groups and will attack a small area at one time. This is why you will notice a small patch or span of grass that is damaged but not the entire yard.

Most people haven’t even seen a chinch bug before. They are a small black bug only 1/8 – 1/6″ long with whitesh colored wings. To find out if you have chinch bugs bend down and pat the grass or scrape your shoe along the surface of the yard. This will disturb them and make them visable. Sometimes you can even smell a foul odor after you have finished mowing your grass.

There no one reason that chinch bugs attack although some think over fertilization might be a culprit.

There’s no specific type of Southwest Florida grass they attack over another although some argue that thy like Floratam the best. They plaque floratam, bermuda, zoysia, bahia and centipede grasses alike.

Your only course of action is to call a local licensed and insured pest control company to have your lawn professionally treated. One good dose is good. Your homework is to keep an eye out for future attacks by using the methods above. There is no evidence that spraying on a regular basis will prevent an attack and may even make chinch bugs more resistant to the chemicals the lawn companies use.

We Kill Sod in Cape Coral and Fort Myers!

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On September 11, 2012

Doesn’t sound like a company you want to hire right off the bat does it? It’s a genuine proposal though. If you have bought a Cape Coral foreclosure or an old Fort Myers house and the property had been badly neglected for a long period of time then you may need to do an overhaul on the yard. In a lot of instances you can fertilize and irrigate the grass along with some tough weed control and get it to come back to a normal yard. However, in extreme cases you need to just start over.

We usually don’t recommend sodding over sod unless you are just making a patch. If the Cape Coral or Fort Myers yard is in that bad of shape you don’t want to take the chance of the weed and pest problems of the old yard overtaking the new sod. That would be a horrible waste of your money.

We approach a sod replacement with a four step process:

1. Chemically kill the old yard using a professionally licensed pest control company.
2. Scrape out and properly dispose of the dead materials.
3. Re-grade the property so the new yard will be even and free of holes or lumps.
4. Install new sod.

Incidentally, if you don’t already have an automatic sprinkler system the best time to install it would be between steps 3 and 4. It’s always better to put a new irrigation system in during a construction process rather than disrupting the rooting of the new sod at a later date. If you are really dedicated to the restoration and rejuvenation of your Cape Coral or Fort Myers Home then you should ask us about our landscaping services as well.

Happy sod killing!

Celebrating 40 Years of Installing Sprinklers, Landscaping and Sod in Cape Coral, Florida

Posted by Landscaping, Irrigation and More On August 30, 2012

Not very companies can say they have been around for 40 years! The City of Cape Coral became incorporated in 1970 and R & R Sprinkler and Landscape was hot on it’s heels installing the first irrigation systems, landscaping and sod by 1972. We set high standards for our employees and suppliers that when an irrigation or landscaping product is provided or installed that we intend to stand behind our work. That’s why we’ve had our doors open since 1972. We have customer’s that have known one of our owners, Mike, since he was born. Now THAT’s amazing! Thank you to all of our loyal and referring customers that have made us a successful landscape and irrigation company. We couldn’t have done it without you. We will continue to serve you for as long as you will patronize us.