A Good Sprinkler System Design is Essential

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment for your property. Having a professionally licensed and insured contractor install your new irrigation system is important. Ask for references and don’t always select the cheapest price. Ask about the design of your sprinkler system. Ask for references too. A good design that will use water […]

Watering Your Shrubs, Delicate Flowers and Queen Palms

The amount of water as well as the manner in which it is delivered differs greatly from a group of shrubs, some delicate flowers or a large queen palm tree. The preferred manner in which any of these landscape elements are irrigated is called drip irrigation. Drip irrigation delivers water to the roots instead of […]

Delivering Water To Your Plants With Drip Irrigation Emitters

An emitter is an element of a drip irrigation system that transfers water from the water source to the plant, tree or shrub it is intended to water. Emitters have also been referred to as drippers since they apply water to the landscaping through a slow steady drip to the landscape roots. There are three […]

Designing a Drip Irrigation System That Works For You

A drip irrigation system is different than a traditional irrigation system in that a traditional sprinkler system delivers large amounts of water is a stream or spray through rotor heads and spray heads. Drip irrigation uses a series of tubing, bubblers and emitters that drip water slowly to the roots. A traditional and a drip […]

The Importance Of A Rain Sensor

A rain sensor is an important addition to sprinkler system. A rain sensor detects when it rains and tells your automatic timer to turn your irrigation system off. It’s an important element in helping with water conservation since it eliminates unnecessary watering cycles by your sprinkler. A rain sensor should be mounted upright in an […]

The History of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation dates back to the 1800’s in Afganistan where the farmers used it to water their clay pots. Germany, Australia and Israel made more contributions to the evolution of the drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation is an alternative to traditional surface irrigation. It’s popular because it conserves water, reduces evaporation and water drainage and […]