We Kill Sod in Cape Coral and Fort Myers!

Doesn’t sound like a company you want to hire right off the bat does it? It’s a genuine proposal though. If you have bought a Cape Coral foreclosure or an old Fort Myers house and the property had been badly neglected for a long period of time then you may need to do an overhaul […]

Creating a Garden Focal Point

A garden focal point is a unique visual element that draws attention to the eye. The combination of garden focal points and accessories create an outdoor area that is pleasant and invites people to spend time there. A small garden should only have 1 main focal point with 2-3 accessories while a larger garden can […]

Do You Have Dying Palm Trees? A Palm Weevil Infestation Could be the Reason

If your palm trees in Southwest Florida are slowly dying and you’re not sure what is causing the problem, the culprit might be a pest called the Palm Weevil (also known as the “Palmetto Weevil”.) Palm weevils are commonly found in: Cabbage Palms Saw Palmettos Canary Island Date Palms Royal Palms Coconut Palms Bismarck Palms […]