How Will I Maintain My Lawn Sprinkler In Naples, Florida?

You are blessed enough to be a seasonal resident in Naples Florida. You have spent your snow bird days meticulously manicuring your lawn, updating your landscaping and getting your irrigation system fine tuned to maintain all of the labors of love. Now, it’s time to go back up north for the summer. You have hopefully […]

My Sprinkler Head Won’t Pop Up?

So you have an automatic irrigation system with sprinkler heads that pop up to water your yard. However, you notice that one of your sprinkler heads won’t pop up. Let’s trouble shoot to figure out what’s wrong: 1. Is Water Pressure To Blame? Each city or municipality will regulate their water pressure however they please. […]

Battery Back Up For Your Estero Sprinkler Timer

Thunderstorms in Estero Florida are a regular occurrence in the summer months. With thunderstorms comes lightning strikes. Because lightning is not particular where it strikes it’s a real possibility that it may strike your home. If lightning strikes your home it usually will trip your ground electrical outlets. This is exactly what your GFI’s are […]

Rotor Heads are Sprinkler Heads

PGP-ADJ Hunter Industries A rotor head is a component of a sprinkler system that delivers water to your lawn. It’s typically referred to as a sprinkler head. The purpose of the rotor head is to deliver water to your grass in a slow even application. At R & R Sprinkler and Landscape we install rotor […]

Lee County Florida Licensing Requirements for Irrigation Contractors

Lee County Licensing Requirements for Irrigation Contractors Most folks think that obtaining an occupational license gives them permission to perform any type of work. This is a false mis-conception. You are paying a business tax that allows you to be in business but does not allow you to perform just any kind of trade activity. […]

Charlotte County Florida Watering Restrictions

Watering restriction for Charlotte County Utilities as if July 10th,2012 Current Water Restrictions While tropical storm Debby provided increased rainfall to the region, it was not enough to fully recover from drought conditions. Phase I water shortage has been extended through December 31, 2012. The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Governing Board voted on June […]

How Often Should I Water My New Sod?

Installing new sod is a pretty substantial financial investment in your property. To ensure it roots correctly and lasts a long time we recommend you water it twice a day for the first 3 weeks. The length of time you will water will vary by the type of irrigation system and/or irrigation heads you are […]