The amount of water as well as the manner in which it is delivered differs greatly from a group of shrubs, some delicate flowers or a large queen palm tree. The preferred manner in which any of these landscape elements are irrigated is called drip irrigation. Drip irrigation delivers water to the roots instead of it being sprayed or streamed. To determine the type of drip irrigation you should install you need to consider size of landscaping and spacing of the landscaping. Obviously larger trees, like a queen palm tree, will require more water then a delicate rose bush.

Drip irrigation uses microbubblers, micro sprays, soft spray misters and spot specific tubing with emitters. Each component delivers water in different ways.

If you have a group of plants close together you should use microbubblers. They cover a larger area and are easy to adjust.

If you have narrow landscape beds or ground cover you should use 1/4″ staked tubing with emitters.

If you have dense tall plants or flowers you should use microsprays. They are adjustable for distance.

If you have delicate flowers or tropical plants you should use soft spray misters.

If you have a vegetable garden you should use spot specific watering solutions with 1/2″ staked tubing with emitters. Its tough and flexible and can handle being staked along the rows of a garden.

If you have potted plants in containers or flower beds you should also use spot specific watering solutions with 1/4″ tubing with emitters.

If you are unsure of the type of materials you should use for your shrubs, delicate flowers or queen palms your best bet is to contact us.

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