At our house right now we are constructing an outdoor patio. We have taken several steps to plan the project from the end to the beginning. Does that sound back ward to you? It’s absolutley correct.

We started with what we want the final plan to look like. Then we take it apart layer by layer to determine what the first steps of the project should be. We want to include important preliminary planning issues like where the flexible drainage material should be installed to keep the patio from having areas of pooled water. We consider how high the patio will be and who will be using it to determine if there are railings that need installed along the steps. We also consider whether the homeowner will be adding landscape lighting. If they do intend to add landscape lighting to an outdoor patio then we want to have the electrical wiring run during the construction of the foundation. It would be costly and unproductive to try to add it in after the final construction is completed. Essentially there would be parts of the project that would have to be chiseled or de-constructed in order to add the needed electrical sources.

Failure to hire a contractor that will think ahead on construction issues such as drainage, safety and electric can be an expensive mistake.

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape can help you design an outdoor patio that works from the end to the beginning to incorporate all elements you’d like to have.

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